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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aug 29th- Opening up

Justin and I had originally decided to keep this blog mostly informational. Sticking to the facts and important information about Noa's status and up-to-date medical info. And we decided intentionally not to include any emotional processing or anything too personal. I think it was to keep it short and make it 'easy' to follow....but in the end, I feel that God keeps nudging me to more vulnerability, by necessity really.

I prefer to not get hurt and remain more guarded with my heart- but the truth is, we are standing at the foot of a very big mountain...looking up at the unknown. We are in the position (by God's grace and love), where we need to be vulnerable in ways that require faith. Faith that God is loving and good and will carry us through these next couple of months and years. And that people will love and respond as we make ourselves open and ask for help with our two other precious babies Ruby and Emmaus (and we are going to need so much help!)...and as we ask for prayer and support and help from people to help carry us in our weakness. Agh, that is hard, but I know God is encouraging us to do that. Be weak and let Him be strong...let others help- ask people to pray for us and baby Noa...and open ourselves up more. 

So, from now on, you will be seeing a bit more of the 'rest' of our lives and hearts in this blog...and our deep need for you and Jesus.


  1. I wish we lived closer to you guys so that we could help you out with ruby & emmaus but since we don't, please know we will be praying for all of you. we will be checking this blog daily for updates. we love you guys. ~the paulo's

  2. We love you all and will pray for God's will, grace, strength and comfort.

    The Huckaby's in Alaska