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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kissed by Noa...

....It's been just about a year since our last update. Back in May of 2013, we were about 2 weeks away from moving back to the Central Coast of California, back "home". When given the option of going back, it brought a ray of sunshine to a cloudy day, so it was an easy decision to make. To be back to what's familiar and free from the heaviness that we felt every time we passed the hospital where Noa was born. I will say that I had mixed emotions about leaving Spokane or even Portland. Almost like Stockholm Syndrome, I was a prisoner to my sadness but didn't want to leave that little piece of Noa behind.
We've been back now for a year and I still look at the blog almost every day. To see if people are still looking at it or if new people are finding it and maybe leaving comments. The idea of this blog was to tell anyone who was interested about the whole journey. The ups and the downs, good and bad, the easy and the hard, to be transparent, real... We knew that it wouldn't be just for us, but for people who might be going through the same thing. Noa's story touched a lot of people while she was alive and we know that it's still going to. We wanted to give another update to let you know how we're doing and whats new with our family because something amazing happened 6 months ago.

Meet Moselle Grace Rose...


I remember asking Heidi months ago, "Which do you think will be harder... Noa's birthday (Oct 23rd) or Dec 8th? I think we both agreed that Dec 8th would be. Moselle was born Dec 3rd, just 5 days before the anniversary of Noa's death. Through God's grace we had a hope and excitement of new life (a baby to hold) that would be here during what we knew would be hard days for us. We weren't trying to get pregnant (preventing actually). Nothing will ever fill that hole left in our hearts from losing Noa, having Moselle just made our hearts bigger, more full of love. We like to think that Moselle got to meet Noa and was kissed on her head to remind us...

                                       ...God's plan alway ends with redemption.

If anyone has questions or wants to talk about our journey, we're here.

Thank you,


  1. We love your sweet family(though we don't even know you all that well) Each of your faces tell the story of God's redemption, love and grace.

  2. Aunt Heidi,
    I was supposed to write a paper for language arts about an event that changed my life or my thoughts on something. I decided to write about Noa's story. I can show it to you sometime if you would like.

  3. Such a lovely update, thanks for sharing. x

  4. Lovely Update Heidi!! You've been through so much! May the Lord still enlarge your hearts! For others and for the children he gave you! Blessings

  5. May God truly & richly bless your beautiful family! ~Ruby

  6. I chatted with a group of 3 kids at a local beach as they surrounded my dog. The oldest looked so familiar. I kept thinking I knew her. The kids loved my dog zoe and we're so happy. As they left, the kids yelled good bye. At that moment I made the connection they were your kiddos. I followed this blog from the beginning and always wondered and prayed for peace after Noa's passing. Still in my prayers and maybe we'll actually meet on the beach again.