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Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept 24th - 
...busy times!!!

I'm not sure if we are busier than normal...or if I'm just feeling it because of how pregnant I am!!!!! Noa is definitely feeling bigger and carrying the other two around isn't as easy as it was a month ago. We've also had a week of sickness. Ruby and Justin have been hit the worst, and Emmaus just a cold. I, gratefully, have been healthy! 
Emmaus at Manito Park

I am 35 weeks along now, and we are really getting excited about meeting Noa~ wondering what her personality will be like, her eye and hair color...all those normal exciting things a parent wonders! We will see. I look forward to watching the other kids (especially Ruby) welcome her into the family. I suspect Ruby will try to help with Noa and love her alot.

One milestone for us this last week, was hitting our 1 year mark here in Spokane. On Sept 20th, 2011 we moved into our has crept and flown by all at the same time. 

Tiny toes on her forehead
Last Friday we had an appointment with my Ob-Gyn, Dr Hilton. Because of Noa's condition we will start weekly visits with him that will begin with a "biophysical exam" thru ultrasound.  They will be looking for specific information about the baby to make sure we're healthy (heart beat, movement, fluids etc.) The exam went well this week and once again, Noa looks great! She has gained a few more ounces since our last ultrasound and is still close to the 45th percentile for growth. We also brought home some of the clearest pictures of her in 4D....which is fun. There have been many comments on how much hair she has.
Plumping up!!

Apart from starting weekly appointments, we SET AN INDUCTION DATE of Tues Oct 23rd. So, unless I go into labor naturally before then, we will check into the hospital early in the morning that Tuesday and move on to the next stage of our journey~ birth! I am still hoping to go into labor naturally since its almost always better for baby and mom that way, but we will be happy either way.

Please, be praying for her adjustment right after birth. I wrestle with the thought of her trying to do all those natural things a baby does when they are born (like wiggle around and cry) but she'll be kept from it for her own good. It feels wrong, even though I KNOW it's for her best health and survival. None of it will be easy, but I pray for a smooth and skillful transition, God's peace on her and the ability of the NICU staff to be adept. Obviously I don't like the thought of her on pain medication or having to deal with the possible side effects I've read about with medications, intubation and being 'treated' at a young age. But in all of it, we trust God will carry her and us. We appreciate your prayers.

We have started to prepare practically by organizing care for Ruby and Emmaus for when I am in the hospital, and we've made a list of names and numbers of those that have said they would help. I washed some clothes for her and made a drawer (although we don't know if she'll be newborn size when she comes home), but we haven't set up a bed yet since we won't bring her home till after she recovers from surgery! I think we will place her car seat in the van anyways...that way we think of her with us already!

35 Weeks and counting
Wonderful daddy and husband
One very fun treat this last weekend, was a visit from a family that has a 4 yr old daughter that has (had?) CDH...I mentioned them in the last post. Anyways, It was great to hear their story and meet their children and ask some practical questions. It was a little bit of a 'wake up call' to hear that after their daughter came home from the hospital, they had a regular schedule of taking her for check-ups/appointments 3 days a week for the next year and a half. Wow. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. 

Thank you for your prayers and love. Crazy it's just a couple days till our next appt!


  1. Thinking of you and your family. Happy to read the positive report! Love you!

  2. Wow! You're almost there! You are amazing and I love the updates! *Blessings*

  3. Heidi, I've enjoyed meeting you and getting to hear a part of your story the past couple weeks (at Barb's house). Your family will be on my heart as your prepare to meet Noa. I had to let you know that Dr. Hilton delivered our little girl after a very long and difficult labor. He happened to be the doctor on call (I had a midwife) and was truly God sent. You & your little one are in excellent hands! Katie