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Friday, October 5, 2012

Sept 26th- So, our weekly appointments begin...

Sept 26th,

Last Friday was the start of our weekly visits to Dr. Hilton (our OB) or maybe it was the week before. These appointments start with an ultrasound to monitor that Noa is practicing breathing, practicing swallowing, and general movement along with checking her heart beat and the fluid levels around her. With our ultrasounds through Dr. Hilton, and MFM, we get a different stenographer each visit. It's been kind of fun to compare all the different techniques they use, 4D pictures they print for us, and even their personalities (some are all business and some are more compassionate and personal) with us.
This week a familiar face came and got us from the waiting room, it was Rita. We hadn't seen Rita since our 20 week ultrasound. She was the first to see Noa's CDH.

This picture of Noa during our 20 week ultrasound was always cool to me because I hadn't seen a view like this during Ruby or Emmaus's ultrasounds.  I wondered if it was a view of the organs out of place to show the doctor.

-We told Rita what a good job she did at not letting on that there was a problem during that appointment.

I'm not sure if Noa was asleep at the time, but Rita left the room to get a "buzzer". She said that it was like what an alarm clock is for us, "It'll wake her up."

The buzzer worked...She opened her eyes and we got to see it through the 4D view in real time.

A few seconds later she let out a huge yawn and it was back to sleep..

Our meeting with Dr. Hilton went good. He looked over the ultrasound results (even checked out our pictures). We asked questions about the birth, when to go in, who to notify, ect..

The 23rd will be upon us sooner than we know. Heidi's starting to "nest", clearing drawers: filling them with freshly washed tiny baby clothes, putting phone lists together of those who offered to help in all sorts of abilities, Preparing for family to stay with us...

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