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Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 14th- 
2 Doctors Visits and a Comedy Show

Fall is here!
Last night Justin and I were able to go see a comedian we both really like. We bought the tickets many many months ago, so we felt very excited to fit it in! We laughed alot and really enjoyed the date~ we are definitely not good at scheduling dates so this felt super special to us.

On Wednesday we had our last visit with Maternal Fetal Medicine. Noa is still growing right on track and they estimated that she weighed 7lbs (give or take a pound!!) Everything looks the same (with the CDH, anticipation of NICU intervention and surgery 3-11 days after birth) and it felt like a light-hearted last visit. I know we are both ready to move on to the next phase of this journey and it felt good to be done with these Dr's visits (even though we have been grateful for the care they've given us and Noa). 

Shopping for PJS for hospital
Two days later on Fri- we had another ultrasound (where they estimated her weight to be 6.3) and a consultation with Dr Hilton, our OB. As we get closer to the induction date, I am preparing for what that scenario might look like, so I had alot of questions for Dr Hilton regarding induction and what the 'plan' was. He felt that it might be helpful to perform a medical procedure on me that would put me in a situation to be more favorable towards labor. Sooooo, this Tues, the 16th, I will go in for that, and hopefully it could start my labor within 48 hrs. I am hopeful that it will work, but we will have to wait and see.

I feel like I am preparing for Noa's arrival by beginning to withdraw a little bit (though I am working hard at home to prepare). I don't know what to expect, and its an emotional roller coaster waiting. Many things have been checked off of our 'to-do' list, and now its just day to day. A couple girl friends have dropped in to get that last visit before I have Noa, and I've been appreciating the people God has placed in my life to support me/us thru this. 

"Smile Emmaus!!!"
I wanted to thank the mom's group I joined just a short time ago for having a baby shower for me this last week as well. The moms in that group have really dove into supporting, praying for and loving me (us!) in such a short time. And I felt so special and honored by the party. There was even a couple gifts from women I had never met before but are praying for and supporting us. Thank you!

I think that is all for now. I will write more after our appt on Tues...until then....I will try to keep my eyes on the Captain of the Storm.

Beautiful Family at Park

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  1. Hi it's Jane. Just wanted to give you my contact info in case you are in need of emergency babysitting or a hot meal delivered to the hospital or whatever! Email: Phone: 509.339.5698 We are happy to come to your house to help out, but of course we want to give you whatever privacy you need. So please don't be shy! We will be keeping you in our prayers. Ruby asks me if there is going to be a baby in my belly, I'm sure she is remembering you. =)