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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oct 18th! 

So, I am still set for an induction in 4 days (Tues). I will be 39 weeks pregnant, and everything looks great for the birth.

We are all finished with our 'stress tests' and 'growth marker scans' for Noa, so we have closed one chapter of the book and are turning the page!!

We went in for a procedure with Dr Hilton a couple days ago that could help me go into labor...but there hasn't been any 'action' yet. Dr Hilton said I could try it again on Friday (tomorrow) with a midwife or nurse if nothing happens, so I made an appointment to see a midwife in the morning. We should know within the first 48 hours if it works for me...and if it does, then please pray that the 'right' staff will be on hand with NICU over the weekend to care for Noa...and also that I would be assigned an OB that is skilled as well (Dr Hiltons days off are Sun/Mon).

My sister arrived very late last night and it was the beginning of Justin's weekend, so today was so nice to just relax and catch up and take a VERY long walk! I haven't seen my sister since Feb, so our reunion has been sweet. And its been helpful to catch her up on the routine of the other 2 babes. Its gives us peace of mind to know she is here just to help us. (And thank you to those who have offered to babysit for her so she can be at the hospital with me! We will call on you!)

Thank you for praying and thinking of us and supporting us. We will keep you posted!

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