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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tues, Nov 20th
removing fluids please

It was a good day. My apprehension about having a new doctor was eased right away when he declared he wasn't planning on changing anything with her care...just to remove fluids. 

Noa has been so unstable that you fear any bold attempts to 'treat' her (not that we've encountered that). We've seen enough times where she declares herself sick and she causes everyone to be a little more gentle and thoughtful about her. 

The sedatives have been decreased to allow her to wiggle around a bit more which will help the fluids come off. The nurse (who has recently been caring for Noa a lot- and quickly becoming a friend), said she would try to slowly and gently reposition Noa on her side a bit for comfort and just to get her off her back. 

When I went to see Noa in the evening, they had successfully removed 240ml of fluid! We still have a ways to go, but headed in right direction. She was also taken off the Nitric Oxide when I left (its a drug that helps open up and relax her lungs)...but the nurse said she was putting up a little fuss, so had to turn her oxygen up to accommodate Noa. We are hoping she can stay off and have her oxygen turned back down to the room air setting of 21.

We have some friends in town with their new baby girl. Its fun to have visitors/helpers. We are grateful that everyone seems to be staying healthy!

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